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A banner is the equivalent of the skirt in conventional advertising. That is, it is an "advertising piece" that is inserted in an Internet page. It is a way to teach what we offer in just a few seconds. A banner is created to partit of images (GIF, JPEG) but also allows the animation and multimedia implementation with tools like Shockwave, ActiveX, JavaScript, Flash, etc.
The baner is a form of online advertising that consists of including an advertising piece within a web page. The objective to be achieved through the publication of a bank is to attract traffic and visits to the website of the advertiser. That is to say: the banner would have to call the attention of the visitors of the site where it is published, that clicking on the same banner, they enter another web page: that of the advertiser itself. This redirection that occurs when clicking on a banner, is called "click through".
The corporate image also increases the value of the products or services offered by the brand. A company concerned about its image, a retail company that takes care of the details and, therefore, a reliable company that cares about the user.

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